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PT 7The Axe Palace is a high-end guitar shop that opened its doors in 2009 with an undying devotion to top quality construction and engineering in the products we carry. Musicians demand so much from their instruments, and so do we! High quality not only inspires artistic ingenuity, but relieves the burdens and concerns of lower quality instruments, amplifiers, and accessories. Axe Palace does not carry shady instruments or equipment, only top-notch quality brands. You simply cannot walk out of our store with something junky. Experienced, friendly, and knowledgable musicians are always on hand to make sure our customers make an informed purchase and are not leaving with anything but the very best piece of gear for their needs.
Schecter guitars fits in with our core philosophy, as they offer a diverse lineup of superb high-quality guitars that we are proud to display to our customers. And with the addition of their USA Production line and MasterWorks guitars, 2014 has been an exciting year for Schecter at The Axe Palace. Every single Schecter guitar that has entered our store in the last 2 years has blown us away.
Q:Here at Schecter, we all have a favorite Schecter Custom Shop model, do you have any one in specific that your fond of and why?
A:I am particularly fond of the USA California Custom models. They epitomize everything I look for in a guitar: ultra-resonant tone woods, ultra thin necks, beautiful figured tops, and flawless fretwork. I also enjoy their light-weight and huge sustain. The PT and CET models are also regular favorites here.
Q:Lets get a little technical, you know we create some pretty incredible Masterworks guitars…if you could build your own concept guitar through us, what would it be?
A:I recently ordered a Masterworks PT 7-String Semi-Hollow with a AAAAA Flame Maple Top, Birdseye Maple Fingerboard,Wenge/Mahogany Set-Neck with Ultra-Access heel, Mahogany body, Hipshot bridge, 16” fingerboard radius, 25.5” scale length, etc. It is easily one of the finest guitars we've ever laid our hands on. Sustains for days, loud and vibrant even unplugged, and the neck is fast and smooth. I could not be more impressed than the craftsmanship of your Masterworks custom shop guitars. We plan on ordering more and more! 
Q:We take pride in not only our guitar building, but also in the relationships we make. Can you think of a time that stands out to you, when someone came in looking for a Schecter Custom shop guitar?
A:Its exciting for us to witness customers who are new to the Schecter Custom Shop guitars have their minds blown when they first experience one. Most guitarists are familiar with the Diamond Series products, which are excellent for their price point. Many are unaware Schecter has a USA Custom Shop and the enthusiasm that ensues is very rewarding to see.
Q:If you know much of our history, you know a big part of it was Schecter’s pickups. Are you looking forward to or excited about any one in specific that were loading into our USA guitars?
A:We're very excited about the Schecter pickup line as they always sound fantastic, and I know first hand how much research and effort Schecter USA puts into developing newer and better sounding pickups. I am particularly fond of the Sunset Strip/Pasadena set due to their supreme articulation and punch. Also the pickups in the Traditional SSS model are breathtaking, easily the finest single-coil pickups I've heard to date.
Q:You guys have been around, how do you see the future of electric guitars headed?
A:There will always be traditionalists out there attracted to the antiquated designs of the past, but the true hardcore guitar geeks out there like us will always be inspired by builders constantly innovating and taking the guitar playing experience to the next  level. I am proud that so many of the guitars we represent at the Axe Palace embody this spirit. Schecter USA and Masterworks are no better example of this.
Q:What’s something you would like to say to the family at Schecter and to our players around the world?
A:We cannot stress enough how inspiring and flawless every USA Schecter guitar and bass has been that has graced our walls. Anyone looking for a high-end instrument of the absolute highest order, at a very reasonable price, to give Schecter a chance. Everyone knows how good the Diamond Series models are for budget-conscious and pro guitarists alike, but for fans of boutique/custom shop guitars, Schecter is second to none in the world.
AXEWALLThanks to all the staff at
Axe Palace for your time and support!
As always keep rockin! 
Axe Palace is allowing an additional
10% of your select Schecter purchase
when you mention their
Smokin selection so call them up now!
The Axe Palace
3 Glenwood Avenue
Walpole, MA 02081


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10953 Pendleton St.

Sun Valley CA, 91352

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