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Something to get revved up about...

Schecter SuperCharger Mach Series Pickups



It's no surprise that with the obvious interest in our revamped line of USA Custom Shop pickups, that we adorn our collection with a souped up version of one of our classics.

In steps, or should we say, charges in our SuperCharger Mach Series pickups. An agressive and distinctly powerful humbucker built off the chassis of our famed SuperRock pickups. Featuring precision cut VFB bobbins and the same massive 1/4" pole pieces you would expect, this pickup is anything but subtle. A pickup designed to provide thick and fluid tone for single notes and complex chords alike.  And not only will it fill out nicely at its full capacity, but its 4 conductor wiring allows coil splitting to give you even MORE range and texture to playing.


This pickup comes in both BRIDGE and NECK spacing for 6, 7 and (oh yes we did), 8 string versions as well!

But dont worry, your low end wont muddy up. The massive quarter inch Ceramic charged pole pieces deliver ultra-low frequencies and clear definition throughout the entire tonal range of your instrument. This will allow your low F# and B to cut through the densest mix without getting off track.

Check out the specs below and if your just as pumped as we are, be sure to stop into your local dealer and take ANY of our Banshee Elite Diamond Series guitars for a test drive. Weve loaded these pickups STOCK for you. Enjoy!

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SuperCharger Mach-6™ Bridge

SKU #6073

SuperCharger Mach-7™ Bridge

SKU #6085

SuperCharger Mach-8™ Bridge

SKU #6097

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