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Pasadena-8™ Bridge BLK

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Pasadena-8 Bridge
Our Pasadena humbuckers are the first of our newly designed Sun Valley, CA pickups. This Alnico-V powered 8-String pickup has lots of output without being over-the-top, and lets the natural tone of your instrument shine through. The Pasadena 8 is a very balanced medium output humbucker with a wide tonal range, and works great with today's modern 'profiling' amplifiers! Its 4-conductor design also allows for a variety of options from pronounced and cutting to dark and full. If you are looking for straight metal we have several other 8-String humbuckers that are better suited, but if you want something to showcase your versatility then this is your pickup!
Available in Neck position.

Bridge Position
4 conductor harness
Universal Spacing (71.5mm)
Solid Nickel Silver Base plate
DC Resistance
Primary wind 6.6 k ohms 
13.2 at full power

*Resistance readings are approximates and can have minor fluctuations.

Gauss Field
Alnico 5 Direct Couple construction
Pole Pieces
8 @ .1875" nickel plated carbon steel
8 #5 slot pan head philips nickel plated carbon steel


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