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Pasadena VS-1™ Middle

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A tonal enhancement on a tried and true vintage recipe, the VS1 holds true to its roots. The Pasadena VS-1 features a precise blend of the proper gauge magnet, wire and hand beveled alnico magnets, that brings out the expected lush clean tones while providing the full voodoo when played through an over-driven valve amp. Its even height-calibrated magnetic field provides the proper string sensitivity for modern and vintage gauged strings alike.  This true middle position single coil is Reverse Wound with Reverse Polarity (RWRP), yielding true hum-cancelling in popular #2 and #4 positions. 
Combined with our matching bridge and neck pickups, this set can get you there and back from the Isle of White to the Fillmore. This pickup also mixes very well with our Sunset Strip or Pasadena Plus humbuckers in a HSS or HSH configuration.
(It includes a black plastic cover, although most aftermarket and original covers will fit as well.)
Available in both bridge and neck positions.


Middle Position
Universal Spacing (52.07mm)            
Conductor cloth covered pushback wire harness
Reverse wound/Reverse polarity
DC Resistance
Primary coil 6.3 RWRP

*Resistance readings are approximates and can have minor fluctuations.

Gauss Field
Alnico V "rod" magents
Pole Pieces
6 Hand beveled rod magnets



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