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SuperRock Vintage Neck

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  • Features
  • Spacing: 49mm Universal Spacing
  • Wiring/Design: 4 Conductor Harness / Split Coil Design
  • Baseplate: Solid nickel/silver baseplate
  • Pole Pieces: 6 @ .1875" nickel plated carbon steel / 6 #5 slot pan head Philips nickel plated carbon steel
  • Magnet: Alnico V direct coupled contruction
  • Output at full power: 7.9k ohms

SUPERROCK VINTAGE GRAPHA faithful recreation of one of our earlier designs and popularized on our PT guitars in the 1980's by The Who, our SuperRock Vintage pickups deliver a musical mix of rich and brilliant tone, yet even power across the tonal output. It allows chords to ring with detail and single note definition as well as having enough power to drive your amp into that much sought after musical distortion that has just a little more aggression and bite. At full power the pickup breaks up nicely and compliments any ensemble, and when split, allows it to shine and stand out amongst the mix.

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