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What is the difference between USA production and Masterworks guitars?

Our USA production guitars feature a select number of models, with bodies and necks built on premises utilizing CNC technology for precise, consistent quality. A variety of options allow our customers a choice of finish colors, pickups, bridges, hardware color, etc. Please consult the spec sheet for each model for a complete listing of available options.

Our Masterworks series is a totally customized guitar, hand built to your specific vision. You can choose from the finest exotic woods, hardware, pickups, etc. to create your ultimate dream guitar. See your Authorized Schecter Dealer for more information and price quotes.

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I like the Schecter Diamond Series "MODEL NAME HERE" but I’d like to change the color and inlays. Can you guys build a custom shop version and how much would it cost?

All Schecter Diamond Series instruments are only available in their existing specifications as listed in our current catalog and website. The USA Custom Shop does not customize or modify those guitars in any way. We recommend checking our FAQ for Diamond Series guitars which addresses this question in detail.

However, our USA Custom Shop Masterworks series can build virtually any guitar to any spec you want, but please be aware that base prices generally start at $3,500-$4,000.

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I have an older Schecter, but I don’t know how old it is. Can I get more info on my guitar?

Because Schecter started business as one of the first aftermarket companies for parts, including necks and bodies, it can be hard to determine year of manufacture since these early guitars assembled from parts did not have serial numbers.

Sometimes serial numbers may be found on the ends of necks or neck pockets, and many times on the neck plate.

Schecter has changed ownership several times over the years, so we have limited information on models that were made prior to 1996. Generally, though, you can use the information below as a rough guideline to determine year of manufacture:

S serial number usually means from Van Nuys era
A, B, or G and 4 digit serials are usually from Texas-era Schecter from the mid to late 80’s
Serial numbers starting with 92 that have 5 digits = early 90’s
Serial numbers starting with 96 that have 6 digits are from late 90’s

Current USA Production/Sun Valley, CA
Example: 13-06001
First 2 digits (13) = YEAR, next 2 digits (06) MONTH, Last 3 digits (001), place in that month’s production. So the code listed above would be the first guitar in June production of 2013.

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How much is my old Schecter worth?

Because we are in the business of selling new guitars, we are unable to comment on the current market value of any used guitar. We recommend checking ebay, craigslist, etc. or guitar related message boards to find comparable models to determine current market value.

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Could I get a price estimate on a custom shop guitar with the following specs?

Our Masterworks guitars are limited only by your imagination, but it comes with a price! We are currently in the process of revising our Custom Shop Calculator, which will allow customers to get a rough idea of the price based on a list of specs. Please be aware that the base price of a Masterworks guitar starts in the $3,500-$4,000 range. If you are serious about a Masterworks guitar, please consult your local Authorized Schecter Dealer for more details and a price quote.

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What size truss rod Allen wrench do I need to adjust my neck?

A 9/64” Allen wrench will fit the current USA Custom Shop two-way adjustable truss rod. In the past, though, Schecter has used 1/8” and 4mm truss rod adjustment nuts. If you are unsure about how to adjust the truss rod, we advise taking your guitar to a qualified repair person for adjustment.

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Do you sell replacement pickguards, backplates, truss rod covers or tremolo covers?

Schecter does not sell any replacement parts, just complete guitars and basses. Please contact a local repair shop to have these replacements made.

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What brand string/gauge is on my guitar/bass?

Schecter USA Custom Shop instruments are factory-equipped with .010-.046 Ernie Ball Slinky strings. Basses are strung with .045-.105 Ernie Ball bass strings.

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Can you make a Prince Symbol or Cloud guitar?

Unless you are Prince, we do not make reproductions of the Symbol or Cloud guitar.

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What is the warranty coverage on parts and electronics?

All Schecter Guitar Research USA Custom Shop instruments are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is only valid in the country/territory/duchy from which your NEW guitar/bass/product/instrument was purchased. Your new Schecter instrument is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original owner, if used under normal operating conditions, subject to the limitations described below. This warranty is not transferable under any circumstances, and applies to the original owner only, provided the product is purchased as NEW from an authorized Schecter dealer. In order to validate your warranty, you must return your warranty registration card within ten (10) days following the original date of purchase, or register your product online at Please retain your original sales receipt as proof of purchase. If you need to file a warranty claim in the future, you can send in a photocopy of your receipt at that time. For a full listing of the Warranty Terms, click here.

Online Warranty Registration
Schecter has no authorized repair centers, All warranty repairs are done at Schecter.

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I bought my instrument used. Is it still under warranty?

No. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is not transferable under any circumstances, and applies to the original owner only, provided the product is purchased NEW from an authorized Schecter dealer.

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Who do I contact for customer service?

Please call 800-660-6621, ext. 324 to reach Schecter Technical Support.

Emails can be sent to the Custom Shop Technical Support on our Contact Schecter page.

Hours of operation: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday (Pacific Time).

*Note: Emails will only be read and replied to during business hours.

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I live outside the USA and I have a warranty repair issue; who do I contact?

If you live outside the USA, please contact the Authorized Distributor in the country where the instrument was purchased for any warranty issues/repairs. Please note that Distributors will only warranty instruments that were purchased from the country they represent. If you purchased an instrument from a different country, it will not be covered under warranty. Please see our website for a complete list of Authorized Schecter Distributors.

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