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C-6 Plus/Deluxe

The C-6 Deluxe/Plus models are the first ‘entry level’ guitar to bear the Schecter Diamond Series name.  A collection that not only looks great by borrowing the sleek contours from the A-6, but also combines professional quality, playability and tone to excite and inspire.
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C-6 Plus

SKU #443
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C-6 Deluxe

SKU #432
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C-6 FR Deluxe

SKU #434
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C-7 Deluxe

SKU #437
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C-8 Deluxe

SKU #441
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C-6 Plus LH

SKU #448
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C-6 Deluxe LH

SKU #433
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C-6 FR Deluxe LH

SKU #436
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C-8 Deluxe LH

SKU #442
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C-7 Deluxe LH

SKU #439
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