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The name All Hail The Yeti sounds like a haunting story made to scare children around the campfire with .They are not your typical metal band. They have successfully entwined elements of metal, hardcore, dirty Rock with a swampy blues swing that demands legion from their fans.
We sat down with Connor Garritty to talk about the new Screaming Black Curse tour they are about to embark on in May.

This tour seems to be gathering quite a lot of momentum in such a small period of time.

Yeah we've noticed that fans seemed to be pretty excited to come out to these shows. So that starts things off on a positive note for sure!

You seem really hands on with putting together your tours and focusing the band's direction.
Is it something you love to do or is it more of a "if you want it done right do it yourself" mentality?

A little bit of both. Since the beginning of AHTY I've always been the one "managing" the band. We've worked with actual managers in the past but I've always kind of co-managed with them. This day and age if we were to wait around for someone to do all the work we'd be waiting forever. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming but we've seemed to prevail so far.

This is your 2nd album; and it seems on the first one you guys never got off tour. And this time around it seems you are being pickier at the tours you are doing.
Was this a conscience effort?

Well honestly it's not a choice that we made. It seems the state of "touring" is in a rough spot for bands at our level. While we've done quite a few high profile tours, it feels as if it has been tougher to get on any packages as a support band. We're always ready to go at any time and we are very professional on the road. I think that a lot of these bigger bands are so worried about money and budgets that they're all leaning towards having "buy on" bands. Now don't get me wrong in certain circumstances buying on to a big tour makes sense. If the package is right, venue sizes, ticket sales etc. I just don't think there's much hope for smaller newer heavy bands in that aspect. It's hard enough to survive on the road when you're getting 200 bucks a night let alone dropping 15 grand before you've even left. It's a double edge sword. You don't want to be known as a buy on band, but if you don't buy on to tours you'll never get in front of bigger audiences. Fortunately for us we haven't had to buy on to anything.

What can your fans expect from this tour that will set you apart from the last tours?

Like always fans can expect a high energy, heavy set that is still fun. We like to create an atmosphere. But it is important for us to try our best to connect with everyone standing in the crowd.

Besides the very diverse line up. Were the bands handpicked by you?

The lineup is great! It's a great blend of metal and rock and roll. We are very excited to build relationships with Invidia and BrokenRail!

Tell us about your long standing relationship with Schecter guitars and how they play into this tour?

Schecter and AHTY have had a great relationship since the early days of the band. They have always supported what we do and have gone above and beyond for us. Even when we were just an independent unsigned local band. When we were planning this tour we wanted to include Schecter because we feel that it's our way of giving back to them as best we can. Spreading the word of an amazing company that really cares about music and their artists!!!


get more info on all hail the yeti here:

5/17 – Los Angeles, Calif. @ Whisky A Go Go
5/18 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ Adrenaline
5/19 – Kingsburg, Calif. @ Bullfrogs
5/22 – Seattle, Wash. @ El Corazon
5/24 – Salt Lake City, Utah @ Liquid Joes
5/25 – Colorado Springs, Colo. @ Black Sheep
5/26 – Kansas City, Mo. @ The Riot Room
5/27- Oklahoma City, Okla. @ Thunder Alley
5/28 – Houston, Texas @ BFE Rock Club
5/30 – Dallas, Texas @ The Rail Club
6/02 – El Paso, Texas @ The Rock House
6/03 – Tempe, Ariz. @ Yucca Tap Room
6/04 – Fullerton, Calif. @ Slidebar



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