Doll Skin has been enjoying an unbelievable wild ride with Megadeth's David Ellefson at the wheel. When discovered by the Megadeth bassist at a local school talent show, Doll Skin showed such talent and potential that Ellefson offered to manage and produce the band. He was so impressed with their music that he started EMP Label Group to release their debut album "In Your Face." The album took off like a bat out of hell and they were soon on tour with Otep, Hell Yeah!, and many others. Fast forward to now and their new album, "Manic Pixie Dream Girl", is scheduled for release on June 16. They'll hit the road with the Warped Tour, followed by a full USA tour in July. We caught up with guitarist Alex Snowden, vocalist Sydney Dolezal, and bassist Nicole Rich to find out more about Doll Skin's remarkable journey.


1. It seems your lives have exploded into a dream come true scenario. When you started the band a few years ago did you ever think this was going to happen so fast?

Nicole: When we started out we expected this to be a one-time thing, just playing together for fun. We had no idea David Ellefson would be watching us and later deciding to manage us, and we had no idea we would have so many people believing in us. I don't think any of us ever thought we would be in the position we are today. It's a complete dream come true for all of us. It feels like only yesterday we were daydreaming of being on the Warped Tour, and this summer we're playing it! It's been a lot of hard work up until this point, but we truly are living what we've all wished for years.

2. It seems you've been touring constantly since the album came out. What was your favorite tour?

Alex: I would have to say our second run with Otep was a personal favorite! We had become good friends with the Otep crew after our first tour with them, and we started to feel very at home on the road. Our mini-tour with Hell Yeah! and Escape the Fate has definitely been a favorite as well. All of the shows and crowds were crazy energetic, and the ETF and HY! guys could not have been more welcoming.          

3. How did your Schecter Guitars hold up to the constant touring?

Nicole: Mine has been amazing! I never had an issue with it on the road. It's been so sturdy and has sounded amazing all throughout the nonstop touring we did last year. I've banged it around for sure, and never has it failed me!

Sydney: I am thoroughly impressed with how both of my guitars held up. I have to admit, I can be rough with my guitars, and I still haven't had any issues with them! I've had issues on the road with other equipment, but never with my guitars. They've always been reliable tools of my trade.

Alex: Mine have held up extremely well. I would always worry about my guitars and how they would react to changes in temperature and humidity - on top of being stored underneath our RV and tossed around all day long, but my Schecters are tough as nails. Of anything that could go wrong with gear, guitar issues were rare.

                                                                           ALEXDS    SYDDS     NICDS

4. Which guitar is your work horse, your favorite?

Nicole: My Schecter Diamond Series Jazz Bass has been by my side since I moved to Schecter. It's never let me down and has an amazing tone live and for recording. It's my baby.

Sydney: I've used my baby blue Ultra III almost every day of every tour ever since I got it. Having three pickups on it makes it super easy to get different tones and sounds out of one guitar. I use my PT Special mostly as a backup, because I know that if I need it, it will be ready.

Alex: My Tempest Classic is definitely my work horse. I've had it for a little over three years and it's been to every single show since I got it. She has just recently gotten a break when I got my Tempest Hellraiser Hybrid.

5. What can we expect from this new album "Manic Pixie Dream Girl"?

Nicole: Our new album takes a completely different direction than our previous album in a good way. We put ourselves into these songs 300 per cent, and are putting out music we all feel completely proud of. We can't wait for everyone to hear it all. This album has been over a year in the making and shows how we've matured and progressed musically in so many ways. We wrote around the concept of the 'manic pixie dream girl' and let ourselves be influenced by so much going on around us that it really tells a story.


6. How will it be different from the debut album?

Alex: This new album is much more defined and collected than our first one. We have all grown as musicians and writers since our first attempt on "In Your Face!", and it shows in the intricacies of the new tracks. MPDG brings a super eclectic, energetic vibe to the world of Doll Skin.

7. David Ellefson seems to really believe in your band, even starting a label to bring your music out to the world. How is it working with him?

Sydney: David is such a helpful ally for us to have at such an early stage of our career. Not only is he helping us get a leg up on the game with all of these amazing opportunities, he's a really important friend to all of us. He gives us amazing advice as well as helping us get to all the places we have gotten. He constantly encourages and pushes us to do and be everything we can be. One of my favorite things David always says is, "I open the doors for you ladies and you do the rest". He has faith in us that no matter what, we will always be our best in any opportunity he helps us get.


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