Kaspar Boye Larson is not new to the scene. With an extensive background in the metal scene playing for bands like Withering Surface, The Kandidate and Thrium, Kaspar was an easy pick to join up with Volbeat. Volbeat coming from Denmark and playing a fusion of metal, rockabilly and thrash, they have pushed the limits on the cookie cutter metal scene.

We sat down with Kaspar during their U.S. tour supporting Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica to pick his brain on music, touring and his thunderous bass sound.

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What is the music scene in Denmark like?

 There's a lot of different things going on, but I'm quite excited about some of the more aggressive bands, check out Piss Vortex, UxDxS, Halshug  ao.

 What is your history with Volbeat, how did you come to play bass for them?

 I've known Michael (Poulsen) from the death metal days in the mid-nineties, so when they were in need of a stand in bass player for a European  tour back  in 2006 I jumped right in. I've played in The Kandidate and The Hitchcocks and we were fortunate enough to get some support gigs for  Volbeat, so I've  known the band for a long time.

 Your background seems to be more from the extreme metal side was it a hard jump to move into playing with Volbeat?

 No, not at all. Even though I have mostly played in kind of aggressive bands, and still do, my taste in music goes beyond heavy music. So it was  quite  exciting for me to finally get to play some different music, more focused on songwriting than riffs.

 What is some of your favorite bands and main influences as a bass player?

 For me everything started with The Cure, they changed my life, they got me into punk and new wave. 
volbeatbass3 Simon Gallup is a great inspiration, I love his sound and his very melodic basslines. Geezer Butler  is  another of my heroes, his bluesy playing is so inspirational.

 What brought you to working with Schecter Guitars?

 When I first started in Volbeat we needed instruments, since I only had a few myself and didn't  feel they  were the right choice, we tried
 out a lot of different basses, and ended up with Schecter since they had everything I was looking for.

How has the relationship been with Schecter seeing they are an American company and you being in Denmark?
It's been amazing really. We are often in the US so the distance hasn't been a problem.

You play a modified Nikki Sixx Signature model. What led you to that model over others?

I've used a Thunderbird before and loved the shape of that, so the Sixx model suited me perfect. It's really good when you like to hang the bass low.

If you could design your own bass how would you make it?
Well maybe a mix between the Sixx and a traditional P shape. That question needs a lot more thought.

How do your Schecter basses hold up on such a rigorous tour schedule it seems you have been touring nonstop all over the world?

They are really reliable, never had any problem with them and we have even played in pouring rain, they always work.

This tour with Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold seems to be a huge tour, what were some of the highlights and what is your relationship with those bands been like?

The tour is not even half through and it's been some amazing shows. Volbeat has toured with Metallica before, but for me it's the first time so naturally it's a major thing for me, a thing I never thought I would experience. Last year we toured with Avenged Sevenfold, so we know them and they are awesome people, I love to hang out with them when we got the time.

What is next in line for you and Volbeat after this tour?

When this tour with Metallica is over we are playing Wacken and then starts the European shows, which will run thru fall.


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