Body Count on Jimmy Fallon

 Body Count Played Live on Jimmy Fallon Friday The 13th

Body Count has been deemed the first Metal band to Play on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show.  Armed with Some Custom Schecter Guitars and Basses, Ice-T and the boys threw down a dark, Slow drudgy song, "Enter The Dark Side" from Their New Album MANSLAUGHTER.

Body Count is taking it back old skool and doing their part by bringing the danger and the controversy back to Metal. Recently Ice-T spoke to Esquire Magazine about the new album, the reformation, and why they chose Sumerian Records: "The band wanted to get back together. The band lives in L.A., and I live [in New Jersey], so Ernie [guitar] was calling me, saying, 'Ice, let's rock and roll!' I said that I didn't want to do a mixtape. I don't want to do another album unless I write the music, because on the previous album, in 2006, I kinda mailed it in. They wrote the music in L.A. and sent me the tracks, I wrote the lyrics, and I just kinda walked away. I didn't mix it, I didn't do anything to it, and the record suffered. And I didn't want to do another one unless we had a real shot at making a good record together." He continues with why Sumerian Records:

"Vince ( Vincent Price; Bassist)] was connected to Juan [guitarist Juan Of The Dead; AGENT STEEL, EVILDEAD) and Juan had connections to Sumerian Records. The head of the label, Ash Avildsen, is a BODY COUNT fan. He had a little money to throw at the project and he didn't care about previous sales or anything. When you're lucky enough in this business to run into a real fan, they're like, 'Let's just do this!' You need someone in this business who just believes in you, that's not doing that SoundScan and all that other shit. Not doing the numbers, but doing the — [Ice taps his fist into his left hand three times]."

The New album Can be found everywhere Featuring the New Single “Talk Sh*t, Get Shot.”

You can also see Body Count live on tour at the Mayhem Festival!


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