ICE-T Says New BODY COUNT Album 'Manslaughter' Is 'Brutal

As BODY COUNT gets ready to go out on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, Ice-T sat down and talked to

"People have been asking me to do some music, and I haven't really been inspired to do hip hop for a while, 'cause hip hop kind of got really pop to me," Ice-T said. "But my band always wants to play, so we decided to do an album. We got signed to Sumerian Records. We finished the album. It's called 'Manslaughter'. We shot the video. We did the album cover. It'll be out June 10. And it's brutal. It's brutal."

BODY COUNT has added Juan Garcia (a.k.a. Juan Of The Dead; AGENT STEEL, EVILDEAD), Ernie C. (original Guitarist and co conspirator of Body Count), and Vincent Price on Bass.

all of which are part of the Schecter family.

See the whole interview here:

Check out the Fan shot Video of The New Body Count line up at the Fun, Fun, Fun Fest.

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