Vinnie Hornsby - Sevendust

Before the formation of Sevendust, Hornsby was in the band Snake Nation along with Morgan Rose, also of Sevendust. In 1994, Snake Nation were supported by fellow local group, Body & Soul, an R&B group fronted by Lajon Witherspoon. Amazed by Witherspoon's vocal prowess, Rose and Hornsby asked him to join their band. Next they recruited guitarists John Connolly, the former drummer of the band Peacedog, and Lee Banks to form Rumblefish. The name was later changed to Crawlspace. Clint Lowery of Still Rain from North Carolina replaced Lee Banks in 1995 when the band's arduous schedule forced him to quit. The band was scheduled in lots of touring before and after the success of Home in 1999 including Woodstock, OzzFest and the Warped Tour.

When a group on the west coast claimed the rights to Sevendust's previous name, Crawlspace, the band struggled to find a new name. While he doesn't take credit for the band's name, Hornsby ultimately came across a can of "Sevin Dust" while looking through his grandmother's garage.

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