Teja Veal - Janelle Monae/Lil Yachty

When you want something, you go for it! And in the case of Teja Veal this expression couldn't be more fitting.

After being denied the spot as bass player in her middle school orchestra program, simply because her teacher didn't think that girls should play bass, she started an extensive campaign together with her mother to convince the school and teacher that Teja belonged on bass. In the end the teacher cracked, and accepted to give Teja the spot as bass player under the condition that she had to learn the instrument entirely by herself. Teja accepted the challenge, and as they say"¦ the rest is history!

She started gigging at the age of 16, and so far her unique style, which combines her big-band jazz schooling with her love of old-school soul, has seen her land tours with notable acts such as Frank McComb, Musiq Soulchild and Grammy Award Nominee Janelle Monáe.

After years of focusing purely on ensemble-bass and acting as a supporting member, she is now finally ready to take on a solo-career as well and bring her amazing bass playing to the front where it belongs!

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