Ben Reagan - Richie Ramone

Los Angeles-based, American multi-instrumentalist Ben Reagan has been with Richie since 2012, contributing his pulverizing, down-stroke rhythm guitar playing along with a no-nonsense, powerful, hard-hitting drum-style when Richie goes upfront to lead the band.
Ben has been playing professionally since age 15, cutting his teeth in the burgeoning 80's Midwest and 90's Pacific Northwest DIY Punk/Hardcore scenes, playing guitar for Hippies in Flames and drumming for Scathed, Human Error, TION, and Death Party. His bands have supported Fugazi, AOD, GWAR, Rich Kids on LSD, the Dickies, Ruins, Zolar X, Chrome, Christian Death 1334, 45 Grave, and Saccharine Trust.
In the US Punk Rock scene, Ben is best known for being the drummer for subversive kbd punks, the Feederz, and recently moon-lighting as lead guitarist for Cleveland, OH, proto-punks, the Pagans.
Finally, Ben is delighted to report that he's secured his first co-writing credit with Richie for his collaboration on I Fix This, the lead single on Cellophane.

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