Nigel Bennett - The Vibrators

London-based rocker Nigel Bennett is no stranger to life on the road as a professional musician, crisscrossing the globe entertaining fans. Nigel's new solo CD "Another Bump in the Road" (Zip Records) chronicles the euphoria and exhaustion that comes with the occasionally glamorous job.

While the hour on stage is the payoff, the other 23 hours in the day are the hardest, Nigel says, and the album's lyrics and mood reflect that. The album feels caffeinated and strident, with his songs delving deep into adrenaline and isolation of touring.

Nigel's longtime friends were very supportive through the process of making the CD.

Grammy award-winner producer Steve Lillywhite, CBE says, "Nigel Bennett has been the driving force of touring punk/rock bands for 30 years, but this album has more to do with Roger Waters' iconic drawl mixed with a razor-sharp guitar sound. This CD is almost a concept album of life on the road."

U2's Adam Clayton says, ""Nigel Bennett has been on the road for years. Let him take you with him."

Nigel gives a shout-out to the annual punk rock event, the Rebellion Festival, in his song "New Wave," which is sure to be a fan favorite. The title track's music was written by Nigel and his daughter Melody penned the lyrics, making it their first collaboration.

The album showcases Nigel's unique guitar style that drips with emotion and energy, and kicks off with "On the Road Again," a rousing rocker about the endless tours that seem to never end. His song "New York City" is a tribute to the city he fell in love with as a young musician performing with The Members in 1979, on his first trip to America.

Nigel's wicked sense of humor is captured on the tongue-in-cheek "Travelin' Man," a country-western-style tune about a nomadic serial killer traipsing across America.

English fans will appreciate Nigel's take on the hymn "Jerusalem," the closing track which he modernized and makes his own.

The musicians on the album include Eddie Edwards on drums and Pete Honkamaki on bass, Nigel's bandmates from The Vibrators. Sharing the vocals is London's Suzanne Reddington-Gardner, while Joe McGruddy takes the helm on keyboards.

In addition to playing guitar with The Vibrators and The Members, Bennett has played with many UK big names - Julian Lennon, The Stranglers' Hugh Cornwell, Tom Robinson, Toyah Wilcox and Eddie and The Hot Rods.

"Another Bump in the Road" was produced by former Vibrators bassist Pat Collier and is a must for any music lover's collection. The album was mastered by popular Philadelphia musician Darryl Sherwood. Nigel's first solo CD "Truth or Consequences" is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

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