Chris Hermsdoerfer - Beyond the Black & Serenity

Chris Hermsdoerfer was born on the 4th of February 1984 in a small German town called Forchheim. He started his musician career at the age of 6 by taking accordion, piano and keyboard-lessons. At the age of 14 he changed from those instruments into the world of strings!
After two years of figuring out how to play the guitar, Chris was able to join guitar workshops of Sascha Gerstner (Helloween) to enhance the quality of his guitar skills up to a professional level.
After many years in several german based projects he joined in 2010 the Austrian Symphonic Metal Band VISIONS OF ATLANTIS (Napalm Records) to take his first steps in the major metal business. In 2013 he startet to work with genre-mates and Austrian Symphonic Metal Heroes SERENITY, when in 2015 he finally became a fix member and essential part of the Songwriting Team. With his first release "žCODEX ATLANTICUS" in SERENITY he just won the AUSTRIAN AMADEUS MUSIC AWARDS, biggest music price in the home country of SERENITY. The next record "žLIONHEART" made it in several countries to the TOP 30 Charts - and there's still more to come!
In 2016 the german female fronted symphonic metal Band BEYOND THE BLACK called for a new line up and Chris got the job for being their new Guitarist and Shout/Growl singer besides the amazing Jennifer Haben on Mainvocals. Playing major festivals all around the world combined with TOP 10 Chart releases paved the way already to one of the coming top metal acts in the world and with the third record HEART OF THE HURRICANE, including Chris songwriting skills, BEYOND THE BLACK will prove their abilities.
Beyond that, Chris also started working as a guitar teacher at several music schools and creating his own music school concept "LEARN TO ROCK", as well. The first LEARN TO ROCK music-school will be established in October 2011 which led the company to a franchise business in two countries with 5 stores and more than 1000 of students each year!
A great talent, a lot of dedication and creativity - this is what Chris stands for!

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