Tony Maue - The Raven Age

The Raven Age, are very much doing everything on their own terms. Following the release of 2017 debut which saw them conquer some of the world's biggest stages, the group have now put the finishing touches to their next conceptual masterpiece, titled Conspiracy. "The album title came from the term for a collective of ravens," reveals founding guitarist George Harris, sat beside singer Matt James, guitarist Tony Maue, bassist Matt Cox and drummer Jai Patel in the down-time before their performance at the O2 Forum Kentish Town supporting Tremonti. "It was partly inspired by the artwork," continues George. "We're big fans of massive stories that get
told through both music and imagery. There's so much more to get excited about. We could just put any old logo on our music and stick it out, but why not create something that gives people a much more all-encompassing experience?
The 12 tracks that soundtrack this new take on The Raven Age fantasy world are as brilliantly catchy as they are deviously heavy, delicately balancing classic and modern metal influences with an alt.rock twist. From epic opener Bloom Of The Poison Seed right through to grand finale Grave Of The Fireflies, the latest opus traps lightning in a bottle and laces cinematic flavours within concrete heaviness in a way very few have done before dragging the listener deeper and deeper inside their
dark dystopian reality. Truth be told, this is a band that are every bit as explosive as a blockbuster movie"¦ 

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