Stevie Ewok

Stevie's music career started in the end of 2005 when he was asked to fill the guitar section for a song called "Let's go" from a band called Cola Float. In Mid 2006, Stevie was recruited by Cola Float to be permanent member of the band, while he was still doing the other recording projects as a session guitarist in Bandung, Indonesia.

In Late 2010, Stevie resigned from Cola Float and decided to make his own band called The SIRe, which stands for "The Sons Of Indonesian Republic", and succeeded in launching a Gospel Album in 2011. In 2012, The SIRe launched a commercial song called "Apa adanya" and did a Radio Tour back then. Later on, The SIRe disbanded in the late 2014 since there was no significant progress. 

In late 2015, Stevie moved from Bandung to Jakarta, and he was offered to do a Gospel Album "CWC WORSHIP" in March 2016 which was Stevie's first project as a Music Producer. In 2017, Stevie was asked  by one of the legendary bass player in Indonesia Yance Manusama to produce his solo album called "Muara Rasa".  

In 2018, Stevie was recruited by Virgoun (Indonesian Male singer) to be his session guitarist until now. And in 2020, Stevie's career as a Music Producer is raising up, as he is producing 2 Gospel Albums and 5 singles for 5 different Artists which will be launched in the near future.

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