Johnny Verdugo - King Of Liars

Johnny V, born in Valparaiso,Chile on 1982, founder of the metal band Break.Down"‹ in 2006, with wich had the opportunity of work with many guitarists. One of them is Kiko"‹ Loureiro,"‹ with whom share stage on 2008 on his Chilean tour.

On 2009 he goes to the studio with Pablo Stipicic (producer and ibanez endorser) and Mike Wead (Mercyful"‹ fate and King"‹ Diamond)"‹ to record the LP "Made"‹ Of Scars","‹ since when he starts to perform in many festivals in front of big crowds.

2012 he is with Break.Down's"‹ first tour (Bajo"‹ Multa Tour)"‹ with the swedish band Sterbhaus"‹ ,"‹ which was a huge success and playing in the most importants stages in the country, after that came the release of "Made"‹ Of Scars""‹ in south america and Europe under Ultimhate"‹ Records (Belgium) and Gate Of Horror (south america), on march that same year

Break.Down is invited to opening act for Iced"‹ Earth in front of 1000 thousands of crazy fans, this act give the opportunity to play in the biggest metal festival in south america "The"‹ Metal Fest""‹ playing with bands like (Testament"‹ ,"‹ Volbeat"‹ ,"‹ "‹Anthrax,"‹ Fear"‹ Factory ,and many more)...then in november finished the year doing the opening act for Arch"‹ Enemy,"‹ finishing a year showing his music to thousands of screaming fans, good to add as well the release of two "Made Of Scars"‹ " singles ."‹

2013 together with Break.Down"‹ they launch an advance promo single for the next album called "3"‹ days 2 die""‹ the one that keep the band working in new material plus tons of gigs in this new era using lots of contemporanean methods of recording and many new sounds a resources ,like dubstep, on a way to experiment in a reload sound. now in September Johhny and Break.Down"‹ will be performing with the guitar hero Jeff"‹ Loomis("‹Nevermore"‹ )"‹ in the "Schecter Guitar Fest 2013"

After this show, Johnny joins to the list of artists of the american brand Schecter Guitars"‹,"‹ guitars which started play this 2014 post Namm"‹ Show,"‹ also he joined to the brand Cleartone"‹  Strings in which shares with major artists like "‹Dave Mustaine"‹     of "‹ Megadeth."‹    

2014 begins with a great run, have an excellent show with Sonata"‹ Arctica,"‹ in front of 3500 people, with a great success in the career of the band after this show are contacted to play with Children"‹ of Bodom and Revamp"‹ ,"‹ 2000 people attended this festival called, Reaction"‹ Fest"‹.

After this Johnny focuses in his studio on pre­production of the Break.Down new record which would see the light in 2015, along with that prepares an EP for his solo project "The Vincent Joke" which will be ready in November 2015.


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