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The Apocalypse pickups made their debut late in 2014 and have continued to become a player favorite all through 2015. With beautifull eye-catching construction it was easy to see why so many people gravitated towards this pickup. But, not ONLY is it a visually stunning pickup, it of course lives up to its name as well. 

The Apocalyspse series comes in your standard 6 string traditional and tremolo spaced sets and as extended range player sets as well. So it doesn't matter if your comfort is in the 6 string or beyond, we made them available in 7 and 8 string variants as well. The construction and tone of the Apocalypse pickups hail from the unique tri-field design, combining Alnico-V magnets with dual flanking Ceramic-8s, thus yielding overwhelming power across the entire sonic range of your instrument. It can be extremely loud and robust, allbeit without sacrificing clarity and definition. The 6 string bridge at full power pushes out a resistance of around 14.9 k ohms (+/- .01) and the neck at around 10.3 at full power. It's important to note that EACH pickup has a 4 conductor harness allowing you to wire your pickups with spliting capabilities. 

Since the introduction of the Apocalypse series it has gained a lot of momentum. It has become SO popular that we have decided to load them into a few of our Diamond Series models.  You can find them in a few select models of our Limited Edition and Exclusive guitars such as our Black Ops C-1 and Damien 6 Halloween Edition. Coming in Clear and HiTek Black the Apocalypse pickups will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity amongst the fans. For more information or to purchase your own, click the products below or talk to your local dealer to get a set in for yourself!

JUST ANNOUNCED:  We will adding two new pickups to our APOCALYPSE line-up in the very near future!  APOCALYPSE-SS; which is a 'stacked' single-coil spaced humbucker and the APOCALYPSE-77, a 'soap-bar' sized 7-String humbucker.  More details soon...

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