High School Teacher released progressive metal album

We all had a weird, quirky teacher or two in high school that we won’t soon forget, but did any of your teachers play metal?
Justin Seymour, artistically known as BODHI, is a high school history, government and psychology teacher that is making his name and music known in the world in progressive virtuosic guitar music. While being a part of the metal music scene for over a decade with prog metal outfit The Room Colored Charlatan, his new solo record titled Ineffable was released last August. His music caught the attention of Schecter with the release of the video for his song “The Texture of Motion”.  
Mr. Seymour (BODHI) has been using Schecter guitars for years, and as a display of support for educators and musicians Schecter decided to surprise him at school in his classroom with a brand new Schecter Banshee Elite 7 String.  

Seymour said “I was shocked, but mostly grateful for Schecter’s willingness to support me as a musician and an educator. Both things are equally important in my life and I couldn’t be happier to add another Schecter to my roster.”

BODHI releases his new record this summer called “Simple Pleasures” you can preorder it on his site HERE for only one dollar. BODHI has also stated that “every dollar made from the presale of the album will be donated to a scholarship that I am creating through my school to help a student get to college that would otherwise have a difficult time going.”
Check out the new guitar in action here with his new song Midnight Oil .
These videos were shot, directed, edited and produced by Alan Berry, a film maker who has recently released a documentary called Dead Man’s Line that you can learn about here.
Website: https://www.justinjseymour.com
Alan Berry: https://www.alancberry.com




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