Interloper is the brainchild of Miles Dimitri Baker known for his previous band Rings of Saturn.
Not content with the blast beat extreme metal sound from his former band he ventured off to make music with more depth and cohesiveness. Miles brings his technical guitar theory of playing to the table with tactful and flavorful guitar licks that keep the fans of his former band intrigued and introduces more of a song writing sensibility for the masses that won’t leave them pigeon holed.
Interloper features another R.O.S alumni drummer Aaron Stechauner as well.
Guitarist Andrew Virrueta of Sea of Skies and Ex-HAARP Machine vocalist Mike Semesky round out his fierce line up. Every member of the band is a master at their craft and as young as they are will see a longevity in their careers.

The Video for the song “Glasshouse” is the second single release from Interloper.
Footage in the video is clearly taken from their first tour from last fall and shows the sweat, intensity and laughter from their live shows.

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