Michael Ciravolo the man behind Beauty In Chaos has done it again with a heavier and bigger ensemble of hard hitters. With the voice of Kings X own dUg Pinnick and Body Count's Ice-T flowing through this chunk pounding guitar track. It doesn't stop there, Zakk Wylde steps into the mix with a chaotic guitar solo that only he can do. bicdug

IMG 0588Michael, your album seems to be a fantasy football team of rock ‘n’ roll come to life. How does one person get so many high-profile artists to work together? "I am truly Blessed to have some really talented friends!  I have had people ask me if it is because of my position at Schecter that these artists are on this record.  It is certainly truly that Schecter has put me in a position to meet many of these artists, but we have long standing friendships that transcend the guitar company. NONE of these artists would have been involved if they did not believe in the songs. They put their heart and soul into this and all of the tracks on the album. A perfect example is that Zakk came into our studio that day after coming home from a long tour to track the guitar solo. That is a true friend."

IMG 0131How was it to work on the video with some of rock’s biggest icons in what seemed to be performing in an actual hurricane? "Dug was a trouper! A really amazing talent and a great guy. He, along with Zakk are two of the hardest working guys in this business and I am proud to call them both friends. We both had a blast shooting the scenes in the 'rain room'! It was cold but fun! Director Vicente Cordero (who has done the other three Beauty In Chaos videos) did a great job tying the footage all together and following the story line I imagined."

Un-natural Disaster Is the heaviest track on your album bordering on industrial rock. Is this a glimpse into what is next to come from BIC?  "I am certainly a fan of heavy guitar and I do love Ministry, NIN and Manson. The original version of this song (on 'finding beauty in chaos' is heavy, but it has some of the coolest twisted guitar textures on the record in my opinion. Statik, who did this remix certainly highlighted the 'riff' and give it more of a industrial-fueled vibe. As for the next BIC record, I keep telling myself 'stark' ... but we shall see."
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