Schecter’s President joins members of Depeche Mode, The Mission, The Cure, Bauhaus, NIN

Schecter President Michael Ciravolo joins members of Depeche Mode, The Mission, The Cure, Bauhaus, NIN, The Cult, Siouxsie and The Banshees and more in ReMission International’s ‘TOS2020’ for Covid-19 Charities.
Schecter’s President and Beauty In Chaos curator, Michael Ciravolo and The Mission’s main-man and Schecter Artist Wayne Hussey pull together a Who’s Who of 80s/90s post punk music to rerecord The Mission’s 1986 John Paul Jones produced classic ‘Tower of Strength’, which has recently become the un-official anthem of UK Heath Care workers.
Along the lines of Bob Geldof ‘s 1984’s Band Aid project, ReMission International has come together to honor and support the Front Line Workers around the world and their fight against the Covid-19 virus.  All of the proceeds of this endeavor go to charities. selected by these amazing artists that have come together to lend their time and talents to this cause.  Please check out the full length video of the single HERE ,  While the track is available on all streaming platforms, it is so important do purchase the song in any or all of the formats HERE 


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