Hand-Wound Pickups


Since our inception, Schecter has produced celebrated humbucker pickups that have put us on the map for collectors around the world. In honor of those classics, Schecter has reached back to its roots and redeveloped some of our greatest hits. By using modern day technology, and while maintaining the appearance and tone of previous vintage versions, Schecters "hard to find" and rare pickups are now easily available. Finding that desired look and tone requires no more than browsing these pages.   In addition to once again producing time-honored replicas, Schecter also continues to push the boundries of guitar research by introducing contemporary series such as the Apocalypse and Brimstone pickups. From vintage to ultra hot tone, six string to eight, Schecter has something for everyone.. 

Single Coil

From stacked to tapped, our single coil collection covers tonal ground across every genre. Whether you're looking for something to cut through the mix, something to blend and round out your tone, or even to just spruce up that traditional chimey jangle, you'll find it here. 


Bass players rejoice! Schecters pickup line would not be complete without the low end rounding out our selection. Extensive research and developement has gone into our Schecter selective bass pickups, placing them amongst the greatest on the market. Our USA bass pickups give both traditional precision and jazz players the option for a top quality upgrade. You will not be disappointed!

Calibrated Sets

Some things just go good together... And since we understand that, we've crafted a handful of pickups that have been built and calibrated as designated sets. Each set has been built in tandem and output has been optimally matched to complement the other as best as possible. Of course, like any pickup, tonal adjustments can be made even more personal by adjusting amp and effect settings, but these will give you an even canvas to work with.   In addition to offering traditional calibrated sets of our common series, we also offer specific coupled sets that are ONLY available as a set, such as the NEW Bayou Blasters or V-100 set.


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