Bass players rejoice! Schecters pickup line would not be complete without the low end rounding out our selection.
Extensive research and developement has gone into our Schecter selective bass pickups, placing them amongst the greatest on the market. Our USA bass pickups give both traditional precision and jazz players the option for a top quality upgrade. You will not be disappointed!

The Monstertone Bass P is a powerhouse bass pickup with a sweet disposition. OUTPUT: ModernMAGNET:Ceramic 8AVAILABLE IN: 4

Only available as shown
Monstertone J

A complete reissue of our ground breaking single coil J style pickup.   OUTPUT: Modern MAGNET:Ceramic 8 AVAILABLE IN: 4

Only available as shown
Pasadena VJ

Our Pasadena VJ pickups are a faithful and tone-filled replication of the early single coil J format pickups we all know and love. OUTPUT: VintageMAGNET: Alnico VAVAILABLE IN: 4

Set only available as shown
Pasadena VP

The Pasadena VP pickup is a true dual split coil humbucking bass pickup. OUTPUT: VintageMAGNET: Alnico VAVAILABLE IN: 4

Only available as shown
Michael Anthony 78 Signature

"Heard you missed em'. Well, they’re back!" The thunderous combo that helped start a hard rock revolution. OUPUT: Vintage MAGNET: Ceramic 8AVAILABLE IN: 4


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