Calibrated Sets

Some things just go good together...
And since we understand that, we've crafted a handful of pickups that have been built and calibrated as designated sets. Each set has been built in tandem and output has been optimally matched to complement the other as best as possible. Of course, like any pickup, tonal adjustments can be made even more personal by adjusting amp and effect settings, but these will give you an even canvas to work with.
In addition to offering traditional calibrated sets of our common series, we also offer specific coupled sets that are ONLY available as a set, such as the NEW Bayou Blasters or V-100 set.
Apocalypse Sets

Ushering in sonic destruction on a catastrophic scale for all to hear, our Apocalypse pickups embody all the fury and flame from the pit of hell itself.   OUTPUT: Ultra HotMAGNET: Alnico V w/ ceramic 8 AVAILABLE IN: 6/7/8

Shown: Clear Bobbin
Dark Side

Truly balanced onto its roots, this unique single coil pickup set will make you wish you were here... OUTPUT: VintageMAGNET: Alnico VAVAILABLE IN: 6

Set only available as shown
SuperRock Vintage Sets

A pickup that will drive your amp with just enough distortion, and also allow you to seamlessly blend in when backing off. OUTPUT: Vintage MAGNET: Alnico V  AVAILABLE IN: 6

Shown: Chrome
Sultan Set

The true alchemy of rich tone transfer from guitar to amp, a vessel that magically reproduces the now legendary clean tones of dire 1980’s into the present. OUTPUT: VintageMAGNET: Alnico IIAVAILABLE IN: 6

Set only available as shown
V-90 Set

Proprietary custom components and an old family recipe bring out the mountainous tone contained in this vintage construction neck and bridge duo. OUTPUT: VintageMAGNET: Alnico VAVAILABLE IN: 6

Set only available as shown
V-100 Set

Crunch, punch and presence. Two scaled down custom built coils precisely wrapped and put to bed in a V90 sized housing start the recipe for this versatile tone monster. OUTPUT: VintageMAGNET: Alnico VAVAILABLE IN: 6

Set only available as shown
Monstertone J Set

A complete reissue of our ground breaking single coil J style pickup. OUTPUT: ModernMAGNET: Ceramic 8AVAILABLE IN: 4

Set only available as shown
Synyster Gates Set

" day I plugged in and realized I was playing through the greatest pickups I had ever heard or felt in my life" –Synyster Gates OUTPUT: HotMAGNET:Ceramic 8AVAILABLE:6

Nick Johnston Signature Set

"You would want it to be the most versatile and flexible guitar pickup that has ever existed..." -Nick Johnston OUTPUT: Vintage MAGNET: Alnico V AVAILABLE IN: 6

Set only available as shown
Pasadena VJ Set

Our Pasadena VJ pickups are a faithful and tone-filled replication of the early single coil J format pickups we all know and love. OUTPUT: VintageMAGNET: Alnico VAVAILABLE IN: 4

Only available as shown
Monstertone Set

MonsterTone single coil pickups are based on the original Schecter pickups, which historically brought to market the first ever “tapped" single coil. OUTPUT: ModernMAGNET: Ceramic AVAILABLE IN: 6

Shown: Open Coil
Monstertone PT Set

Built on our popular MonsterTone chassis, the MonsterTone PT pickups embody all the qualities of our single coil MonsterTone pickups, but sized for your traditional “PT” style guitar. OUTPUT: ModernMAGNET: Ceramic AVAILABLE IN: 6

Shown: Open Coil
SuperRock Set

A humbucker that has defined the look and sound of Schecter Custom-Shop instruments for the last two decades. OUTPUT: ModernMAGNET: Ceramic AVAILABLE IN: 6

Shown: Open Coil
SuperCharger MACH Set

Hit the stage full throttle with a pickup that will leave your audience in the dust! Its big and open sound is not for the meek!   OUTPUT: Modern MAGNET: Ceramic Barium AVAILABLE IN: 6  

Shown: Open Coil
Pasadena Combo Sets

The perfect blend of classic and modern tone with the ability to cover ground from your classic 80s powerhouses to current day guitar legends. OUTPUT: ModernMAGNET: Alnico VAVAILABLE IN: 6

Shown: 6 Zebra
Pasadena VS1 Set

A tonal enhancement on a tried and true vintage recipe, the VS1 holds true to its roots. OUTPUT: VintageMAGNET: Alnico VAVAILABLE IN: 6

Set only available as shown
Pasadena VT1 Set

For the tone hound searching for the vintage look, feel, and sound of a classic T style pickup! OUTPUT: VintageMAGNET: Alnico VAVAILABLE IN: 6

Set only available as shown
Z Plus Sets

A distinct and unique 12 hole Schecter look with classic punch and jangle. OUTPUT: ModernMAGNET: Alnico VAVAILABLE IN: 6

Shown: 6 Chrome


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