Synyster Gates Set

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Synyster Gates Signature Set

SKU #6530

Synyster Gates Signature Set


A lethal convergence of power, sustain, clarity and sonic definition! Syn’s new passive powerhouse pushes almost 18K while retaining detail and dynamics. Utilizing three precision milled ceramic-8 magnets and topped with a Black German Silver cover with Syn’s logo boldly etched. Each pickup is hand wax potted to eliminate feedback and squeal, even at ungodly volumes. 4-conductor wiring is standard for additional tonal options. Available in a calibrated set in either 49mm (traditional) and 53mm (Tremolo) spacing, packaged in a matching etched commemorative tin. Individual Bridge versions will also available.

"After spending countless hours experimenting and testing, one day I plugged in and realized I was playing through the greatest pickups I had ever heard or felt in my life" –Synyster Gates

Bridge 49mm Traditional Spacing - Neck 49mm Universal Spacing
 4 Conductor Harness / Split Coil Design
 Custom milled aircraft aluminum industrial black powder coated
Pole Pieces
 12 high carbon steel socket set adjustable pole pieces
 Ceramic 8 direct coupled tri-field construction
Output at full power
 Bridge 17.6k ohms / Neck 12.0k ohms

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From the man himself, Syn showing off his NEW Schecter USA Pickups!







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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Phenominal! I got a set of the chrome versi, but they sound great clean as well. There are definitely other, lower gain pickups out there that are more suited to blues, classic rock, and jazz. For hard rock and metal genre stuff, these might be the best pickups available. Seriously, seriously killer pickups. Ive used duncans (passive and active), dimarzio, EMG, bareknuckle, all sorts of stuff.


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