Since our inception, Schecter has produced celebrated humbucker pickups that have put us on the map for collectors around the world. In honor of those classics, Schecter has reached back to its roots and redeveloped some of our greatest hits. By using modern day technology, and while maintaining the appearance and tone of previous vintage versions, Schecters "hard to find" and rare pickups are now easily available. Finding that desired look and tone requires no more than browsing these pages.
In addition to once again producing time-honored replicas, Schecter also continues to push the boundries of guitar research by introducing contemporary series such as the Apocalypse and Brimstone pickups. From vintage to ultra hot tone, six string to eight, Schecter has something for everyone.. 
Z Plus Series

A distinct and unique 12 hole Schecter look with classic punch and jangle. OUTPUT: ModernMAGNET: Alnico VAVAILABLE IN: 6

Shown: 6 Chrome
Apocalypse Series

Ushering in sonic destruction on a catastrophic scale for all to hear, our Apocalypse pickups embody all the fury and flame from the pit of hell itself.  OUTPUT: Ultra Hot MAGNET: Alnico V w/ ceramic 8 AVAILABLE IN: 6/7/8

Shown: Clear Bobbin
Brimstone Series

Topping our collection as the highest output pickup we offer, the Brimstones are classically overdriven brutal pickups with all of the power, and none of the battery. OUTPUT: Ultra Hot MAGNET: Ceramic/ BariumAVAILABLE IN: 6/7

Shown: 6 Open Coil
Route 57 Series

The Route 57 humbucker is the ultimate in period correct classic humbucker sound and construction.   OUTPUT: VintageMAGNET: Alnico V AVAILABLE IN: 6

Shown: Open Coil
SuperRock Vintage Series

A pickup that will drive your amp with just enough distortion, and also allow you to seamlessly blend in when backing off. OUTPUT: VintageMAGNET: Alnico VAVAILABLE IN: 6

Shown: Black Metal
San Andreas Series

A heavy and articulate pickup that packs attack and gain, providing an upper mid BOOST, and giving the same clarity and definition as an active pickup!   OUTPUT: Ultra Hot MAGNET: Ceramic 8 AVAILABLE IN: 6/7/8

Shown: Open Coil
SuperRock Series

A humbucker that has defined the look and sound of Schecter Custom-Shop instruments for the last two decades.   OUTPUT: Modern MAGNET: Ceramic AVAILABLE IN: 6 

Shown: Open Coil
SuperCharger MACH Series

Hit the stage full throttle with a pickup that will leave your audience in the dust! This big and open sounding pickup is not for the meek!   OUTPUT: Modern MAGNET: Ceramic-Berium AVAILABLE IN:  6/7/8

Shown: Open Coil
Synyster Gates Bridge

" day I plugged in and realized I was playing through the greatest pickups I had ever heard or felt in my life" –Synyster Gates OUTPUT:Hot MAGNET:Ceramic 8 AVAILABLE:6

Shown: 6 Custom Covered
Pasadena Plus BRIDGE Series

A true hard-rock workhorse that packs more output and upper-mids than than our Pasadena Classic, but still harnesses the classic “Patent Applied For” characteristics. OUTPUT: ModernMAGNET: Alnico V AVAILABLE IN: 6/7/8

Shown: Black Metal
Pasadena Classic Series

A slightly hotter, modern, 4 conductor version of the notoriously versatile and classic “Patent Applied For” tone. OUTPUT: ModernMAGNET: Alnico V AVAILABLE IN: 6/7/8

Shown: Gold
Sunset Strip BRIDGE Series

Great for blues, rock, and metal. The Sunset Strip has tight refined lows and prominent mids, giving your guitar an aggressive and balanced crunch when driven, but also clear and mellow mids and highs when needed.   OUTPUT: Modern MAGNET: Ceramic 8 AVAILABLE IN: 6/7/8

Shown: Chrome


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