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SuperCharger Mach-6 Neck

SKU #6074

SuperCharger Mach-6  Neck


Supercharger Mach series pickups are loud and open, which was why they were our first choice to be loaded into our Banshee Elite series. Our massive 1/4" pole pieces pick up every bit of articulation and can deliver clear robust mids, but also drive your amps front end when needed. Its unique bi-lateral construction gives thick and fluid tone that can accommodate both single notes and complex chords alike.


 49mm Universal Spacing
 4 Conductor Harness / Split Coil Design
 Engraved Powdercoated Aircraft Aluminum Baseplate
Pole Pieces
 12 @ .25" nickel plated carbon steel
 Proprietary high mass Ceramic-Barium impregnated central magnet
Output at full power
 10.0k ohms








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Monday, 12 March 2018

One of the best schecter pickups I have laid my hands on. I have it in my banshee elite FRS, it took me a while to get used to this pickup; I even contemplated switching it a couple times but then changed my mind. I was very much and active pickup person when it came to picking out pickups. But after I got used to the supercharger it honestly opened up a world of tone. It's one of the most universal and clean pickups. This pickup has some power to it even though it just has 10K ohms. You can get just about any tone out of these that you want. I primarily use mine for more metal and speed type stuff but when it comes down to the bright cleans they hold up like a dream. My only complaint if there has to be one is that the price is just a bit steep but far worth it in the end. Let this pickup become a part of your tone and you will see what I mean.


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