Single Coil

From stacked to tapped, our single coil collection covers tonal ground across every genre. Whether you're looking for something to cut through the mix, something to blend and round out your tone, or even to just spruce up that traditional chimey jangle, you'll find it here. 


MonsterTone single coil pickups are based on the original Schecter pickups, which also historically brought to market the first ever “tapped" single coil. OUTPUT: ModernMAGNET: Ceramic AVAILABLE IN: 6

Shown: Open Coil
Monstertone PT

Built on our popular MonsterTone chassis, the MonsterTone PT pickups embody all the qualities of our single coil MonsterTone pickups, but sized for your traditional “PT” style guitar. OUTPUT: ModernMAGNET: Ceramic AVAILABLE IN: 6

Shown: Open Coil
MonsterTone Stack

Our only stacked single coil pickup that acts as a TRUE humbucker! Big sound, tiny footprint! OUTPUT: ModernMAGNET: CeramicAVAILABLE IN: 6

Shown: Open Coil
Pasadena VS1

A tonal enhancement on a tried and true vintage recipe, the VS1 holds true to its roots. OUTPUT: VintageMAGNET: Alnico VAVAILABLE IN: 6

Shown: 6 Open Coil
Pasadena VT1

For the tone hound searching for the vintage look, feel and sound of a classic T style pickup! OUTPUT: VintageMAGNET: Alnico VAVAILABLE IN: 6

Shown: 6 Chrome


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