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Pasadena VS-1 Neck

SKU #6364


The Pasadena VS-1 features a precise blend of the proper gauge magnet wire and hand beveled alnico magnets, that brings out the expected lush clean tones while providing the full voodoo when played through an overdriven valve amp. It's even height-calibrated magnetic field provides the proper string sensitivity for modern and vintage gauged strings alike. Combined with our matching calibrated neck and RWWP middle pickups, this set can get you there and back from the Isle of White to the Fillmore.

 52mm Universal Spacing
2 Conductor cloth covered pushback wire harness
Pole Pieces
 6 Hand beveled rod magnets
 Alnico V rod magnets
Output at full power
 6.3k ohms








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Friday, 19 January 2018

Compared to Suhr V60LP, Dimarzio Virtual Vintage 54 Pro, Fender Fat 50's and Schecter Monstertone. Very nice balanced sound! Fat but not boomy. Clear but not harsh (even with 500k pots), medium output. Set them a bit higher for better balance with bridge humbucker, and had no problems with string pull. Schecter deserves it's place between the great well-known pickups manufacturers. If you're looking for great all-round single coil pickups, try these!


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