Sazzad Arefeen

Sazzad Arefeen is a complete rock musician. He is a celebrated guitar player, a songwriter, a composer, a lyricist and also a music-producer. He is an award-winning sound engineer from Bangladesh. His Guitar School ‘Guitar never Lies’ is a household brand itself, among the rock guitar enthusiasts of the country! Sazzad took guitar at a very early age and formed his first band Metal Maze while he had been in class 7! In 2001 he joined Warfaze, the dinosaur or Bangla rock fraternity. In 2006 he formed De-Illumination, the first Symphonic  Rock initiative from the land, released its debut album ‘Onibarjo’, which secured two prestigious awards ‘ best band (Critic’s Choice) and best sound engineer in the 7th Citycell Channel I Music Award’, the most popular music award of that time.  A number of songs from the album became instant hits among the rock music enthusiasts.

Sazzad’s prolific quality as a composer and songwriter are evident in his works for Warfaze (Moharaj) and De-Illumination (Onibarjo) albums. As a music-producer, he also initiated two compilation band albums with aspiring rock bands from Bangladesh and West Bengal, India.

Sazzad released a guitar instrumental album in 2016 titled Operation Angrymachine. It was the first guitar instrumental album from Bangladesh holding the concept story of our Liberation War of 1971.

Later on Sazzad Stepped into international Release with his new Band Ground-Force, The Band released  3 volume concept album written in Both in English and Bengali Dated  August 2022. The album Was covered by hundreds of Global news blogs and Radios. 

Sazzad is a much respected guitar instructor. In 2001 he started Sazzad’s Guitar Guidance which he later renamed as Guitar Never Lies. It’s still actively mentoring scores of budding rock guitarists of tomorrow, both online/offline. Many of his former students have already made it big in the local rock scene. GNL, over the time, has become a brand itself.

Sazzad has been playing Schecter Guitars All through since 2010 and Never changed on a single brand on a row! 

Sazzad is the first and only endorsed musician and official artist of the international brands ‘Schecter Guitars’ (since 2018) and Blackstar Amplifications (since 2016) from Bangladesh!

  • Born in Jan 29th,1981 at Dhaka,Bangladesh
  • Started Guitar in 1994 while in school at grade 7
  • Formed Metal Maze 1995
  • Won BEST GUITARIST OF BANGLADESH award in 2001,BENSON N HEDGES star search competition,Bangladesh.
  • Joined Warfaze 2001
  • Started SazZad's Guitar Guidance in 2001 Renamed later as Guitar Never Lies on 2010
  • Formed De-illumination in 2006.
  • Started working as A sound engineer as well from 2008
  • Joined ABC Radio Bangladesh as Contributor producer and host of GUITAR NEVER LIES from 2010
  • 7th CityCell Channel i Music awards: BEST BAND(by critic) and BEST SOUND ENGINEER(by popular choice) for De-illumination's ONIBARJO in 2011
  • Selected as the official artist of Blackstar Amplification first time ever from Bangladesh 2016
  • Selected as the official artist of Schecter Guitars first time ever from Bangladesh 2018
  • Ground-Force :The band started with Sazzad Arefeen on guitars in 2020
  • Ground-Force Released a 3 Volume Concept album titled "Tree of Life", written in Both English and Bangla and distributed with world wide press coverage in 2021, First time From Bangladesh.

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