Vince Price - Body Count

Ice-T and cofounder/lead guitarist Ernie C have perfected their mix of thrash, punk and bottom heavy doom across five albums, hitting a zenith with the unstoppable Manslaughter, backed by bassist/songwriter Vincent Price (with Body Count now for nearly 15 years), drummer Ill Will (joined in 2009) and new guitarist Juan Garcia of EVILDEAD. They embody the monumental Southern California tradition of street born punk bands like Suicidal Tendencies combined with the aggressive aural napalm of Slayer. From the punk bite of their gold debut through the metallic triumph of Born Dead (1994), Violent Demise: The Last Days (1997) and Murder 4 Hire (2006), to the all encompassing Body Count vibe of Manslaughter, which merges the strengths of the band's entire catalog.

Supercharged with the same spirit as when the band first assembled over two decades ago, BODY COUNT is back to reclaim the crown for vicious trash metal/hardcore crossover, arriving just as circle pits and denim vests make a return to the underground. The Big 4 has been celebrated, legendary thrash bands like Testament and Exodus are making some of the best work. The time is now for Body Count to reenter the fray!  

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