Igor Starostin - Wildways

Wildways is a 5-piece metalcore/hardcore band from Russia. The story of Wildways is a wild tale of an indie project that rocked Russia and became the country's leading metal band. The Band was formed in September 2009 under the name "Sarah Where Is My Tea". First fame in Russia after their debut self-titled EP. They started to play shows in their hometown and surrounding cities.

SWIMT have released their debut official video for the first single from the future album in January 2011.The official Music video for "This Is Not Twilight" by Sarah Where Is My Tea hit more than 100,000 views on YouTube. They became one of the most famous metalcore band in Russia.

In May 2014 they decided to change the band name to "Wildways". (Wildways – more than a simple band name; it's a personification of the people in the band who are doing whatever they want and breaking all the preconceived notions that music has to sound a certain way for certain labels and certain genres. In reality, that's what music (and all art) is about).  Wildways announced their new band name in June 2014 with the official video for one of the old songs from the last SWIMT album "My Habitat".

Over these years behind the band are more than 430 concerts in various European countries - Germany, England, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. Wildways shared a stage with many well-known services - they asked Alexandria, Bleshstafed, Adept, Eskimo Callboy, Betrayal of the Martyrs, and others. In 2016 and 2017, the group had the largest view in their history with the presentation of the album "To the Wild". Including 4 countries - Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Turkey - 79 concerts, which were attended by about 30,000 people.

In 2020 band signed up with Warner Music Russia music label and released a new album – ANNA.



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