• Reaper-7 Multiscale

Satin Charcoal Burst (SCB),Satin Inferno Burst (SIB),Satin Sky Burst (SSKYB)

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Model Name
Reaper-7 Multiscale
Item Number
Guitar Color Shown
Satin Sky Burst (SSKYB)


Fretboard Material
Neck Material
Maple/Walnut Multi-ply w/ Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Rods
Pearloid Offset/Reverse Dots
25.5"- 27" (648mm-685.8mm)
Neck Shape
Ultra Thin "C"
@ 1st Fret- .748" (19mm)/ @ 12th Fret- .787" (20mm)
24 Narrow X-Jumbo
Fretboard Radius
20" (508mm)
Nut Width
1.889" (48mm)
Truss Rod
2-Way Adjustable Rod w/ 5/32" (4mm) Allen Nut


Guitar Colors
Satin Sky Burst (SSKYB)
Hardware Color
Black & Chrome
Top Contour
Flat Top
Right Handed
Set-Neck w/Ultra Access
Body Material
Swamp Ash
Top Material
Hipshot Hardtail (.125) w/ String Thru Body


Volume/Tone (Push-Pull)/3-Way Switch
Bridge Pickup
Schecter Diamond Decimator
Neck Pickup
Schecter Diamond Decimator


Metal Knurled w/ Set Screw
Ernie Ball 7-String (.009/.011/.016/.026/.036/.046/.062)
1620 SGR-1C C-Shape Hardcase
(Sold Separately)


Very good guitar but some components must be replaced

This guitar has a very good playability, especially the accessibility to lower notes, humbuckers do not have too much definition but after all don't play so bad too, frets are well rounded and smoothed, very light weighted and looks very beautiful when is in your hands. As negative aspects, the quality of some components should be improved, e.g. tone knob is unstable (split coil enabled) and especially tuning machines that are not very precise and rather snappy. The tuning stability is very bad, despite a fixed bridge and it is hard to intonate if tuned down.

A $1000 Multiscale King

Not only is this a GORGEOUS head turning instrument, it sounds amazing. The tone is the same as that feeling you get when you have your favorite childhood meal for the first time in 30 years lol. Almost no fret buzz on the Low B string too. Easier on my fingers (I have rather short fingers) especially on the high frets.
<br>I only have 2 gripes, and they seem to be in line with most others: 1: We need locking tuners man. I don’t have much of an issue with the stock tuners but Grovers are a godsend. 2: The pickups can be a bit muddy. Now, a guitar of this quality only costing 1k, can’t complain much, but I plan to replace both pickups eventually.
<br>For now, out of the box, it was almost in tune (I’d have been surprised if it was after a FedEx run), and it sounded bombastic on a first play.

Definitely needs better pickups

This guitar plays FANTASTIC! The action is super low and super smooth! The neck profile is virtually perfect and it is also extremely smooth and fast. The pull/push coil taps are fun to mess with and great for clean tones. The biggest fail on this guitar are the pickups. They’re AWFUL!!! Super muddy and virtually no clarity. Especially under high gain tones. I swapped mine for the Seymour Duncan Alpha/Omega MH pickups and let me tell you… They woke this thing up in a HUGE way. I will say for the $1,000 price tag I definitely expected better pickups. It sucked having to drop another $350 into this thing to make me “love” it. That being said, I’m glad I did because this has now become my favorite guitar. Schecter guitars, y’all need to step up your electronics game on these. They would definitely have a better image in the scene if y’all did. All in all this guitar is worth it. Just be prepared to spend a little extra money if you’re going for clarity in your tone.